The National Association of Italian Choral Directors (ANDCI) was founded in April 2019.

The main objectives of the ANDCI are:

  • to foster high professional qualifications of choral directors, including on an international scale;
  • to encourage and share research, practice and training activities in the choral sector, both nationally and internationally;
  • to provide training and professional development courses;
  • to address and discuss, in all respects, problems relating to the distribution and teaching of activities, participation therein, promotion of these activities and to what extent, as well as supporting their implementation and institutional, social and cultural recognition.

Moreover, the ANDCI aims:

  • to hone and authenticate the skills of its members and ensure compliance with ethical standards;
  • to  promote and maintain lifelong learning and development among its members;
  • to encourage connections, meetings, relationships, communication, and training of all those involved in choral activities, including in collaboration with all public and private bodies.

The National Association of Italian Choral Directors undertakes to promote the spread of knowledge, as well as technical, methodological, and scientific updates by organizing training days, meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, events, and by collaborating, however necessary, with national and international organizations, professionals, associations, bodies, and institutions of any kind and nature to promote high-quality activities.