The Asociación de Directores y Coros del Ecuador aims to:

Propose and implement comprehensive training programs and services for child and youth choral art, with conventional and technological resources, through the production of new methodological choral proposals, creating diffusion scenarios, incorporating artistic heritage of the environment, promoting forums and debates for participatory purposes, establishing continuous training for choral conductors and instrumentalists and choirs, through agreements with specialized national and international institutions, with emphasis on that population that is in a situation of exclusion and vulnerability; promoting, ensuring, protecting and supporting the formation of new fully sensitive human beings, with a vocation to contribute to humanity.


The Asociación de Directores y Coros del Ecuador has the following objectives to achieve its purposes:

  1. Disseminate the formation of choral art, as a means of expression and way of understanding the world and encourage the development of choral singing at the national and international level.
  2. Create scenarios and contexts for the organization of concerts, festivals and meetings with the purpose of sharing choral training and service to the community.
  3. Encourage the creation of new choral groups for children and young people in this first stage, providing advice and professional monitoring.
  4. Respect the cultural diversity of the environment, valuing its material and intangible artistic heritage of the past and present, motivating investigative processes.
  5. Establish scenarios, such as forums, debates, meetings and analysis sessions of various choral manifestations, for participatory and development purposes in the community.
  6. Develop the use of conventional and technological means and resources in the choral production of groups, disseminating methodologies in all disciplines related to choral activities.
  7. Establish in this first stage a continuous training and professionalization in choral conductors, trainers and instrumentalists and choirs, in the various areas of child – youth choral practice.
  8. Motivate composers and composers to edit and produce new arrangements, adaptations and choral works, at different levels of complexity, valuing Ecuadorian rhythms and lyric for children and adolescents in this first stage, spreading the compositional value and contributing to the musical education of the country.
  9. Create a record of audio-audiovisual materials that includes the edition and dissemination of manuals, magazines, flyers, studies, research and various media that contribute to the enrichment of national and international choral activity.
  10. Generate agreements with national and international institutions to promote the development of choral activity, assistance of interns for choral groups and scholarships for choral conductors, choral instrumentalists and choirs.